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Mayor of LaGrange, GA
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"If the voters want to vote for or against me for whatever reason, that is their right, but I am an atheist, I am a war veteran, and I have the same right as every American to fully participate in our secular constitutional democracy."


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PRESS RELEASE (Sept. 29, 2013) - Chicago Filmmakers Interview LaGrange Mayoral Candidate Mike Smith

Chicago filmmakers Kyle Markley and Adam LaPalio traveled to LaGrange last weekend to interview LaGrange mayoral candidate Mike Smith.

Markley and LaPalio are producing a documentary about the growing number of Americans who do not identify as religious. The working title of their film is "The Nones Next Door."

The documentarians came to LaGrange to interview Smith, an open atheist running for mayor. Markley learned about Smith's candidacy on a blog called "The Friendly Atheist."
"Atheists are people, too," Smith told the filmmakers. "It's time to force the issue."

Markley, director of the film, said, "To see [Smith] doing this makes me smile and restores my faith in mankind."

The filmmakers have previously interviewed Dan Barker, a former Christian preacher who now serves as president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as well as Hemant Mehta, who runs  "The Friendly Atheist" blog. Markley and LaPalio also attended the recent Christian apologetics conference "Truth for a New Generation" in Charlotte, NC, where they conducted several interviews with evangelical Christians.

Markley said that the film should be finished within the next year, and he plans to screen it at film festivals across the country.

What people are saying about Mike Smith:

"Smith is quite unique in American politics in that... he is openly atheist and he is in favor of marijuana [decriminalization]... A common sense approach—astonishing in American politics." - deathandtaxes

"To all those naysayers saying he'll never get elected, let me point out that this was also once said about black candidates." - reddit.com

"If he does a good job, who gives a damn if he's atheist or not? We need people who can get the job done, period... VOTE FOR THIS MAN!!!" - reddit.com